For unto you a child is born…

I absolutely love Christmas, but last year and this year I have realized that I almost love Advent more than Christmas. I love the anticipation of Christmas, I have connected so much with the Isrealites waiting and waiting and hoping and hoping for God to come through and save the day. My favorite song is Oh Come Oh Come Emmanual; it grips my heart and the longing that was felt for centuries for a promised Messiah becomes so real to me and I find such beauty in it.

There is beauty in waiting and praying and longing and suffering. There is even more beauty in a God who doesn’t disappoint nor abandon. There is beauty in a miracle that doesn’t happen every day.

In August I experienced a vision (God frequently speaks to me in visual images) during a time of prayer that I have been thinking about lately during this Advent season. In my vision I saw a baby, our baby, and as I “zoomed out” from the baby I saw that it was laying in a train caboose, being pulled by many train cars. These train cars were prayers and I knew that our baby, whether coming to us through adoption or through my very own womb, would come only as the result of waiting and many, many prayers. After that time in August Jon and I prayed fervently every night that God would bless us with a healthy child but after a couple of months of disappointment our prayers have become more sporadic. We have, like the isrealites, grown weary and tired and doubtful of God’s goodness towards us. I have looked to other idols to distract me such as my work, my own emotions and yes even on occaision my cat and M&Ms.

Thankfully I am certain that we are surrounded by people who intercede for us. I know my family, my friends and even my beloved InterVarsity students are pleading with God on behalf of us.

As the season of Advent climaxes into the miracle of the birth of Jesus Chirst our Lord I am renewed with hope (real hope this time)and once again drawn to my knees to pray and to wait.

To pray and to wait.

To pray and to wait.


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