3 years later…

Three years ago I said “I do” to commit myself to a man that I had only known for less than two years.

Three years ago I said “I do” for better or worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health.

Three years ago Jon and I began a new life as husband and wife.

Three years later I know him more than anyone else in the world, and learn new things about him every day.

Three years later we have been through the better and the worse, the richer and the poorer, the sickness and the health.

Three years later we still feel like we have only just begun this exciting part of life.

To celebrate our anniversary (which was yesterday, the 12th) we had dinner at a Thai restaurant and then watched a video of our wedding ceremony that a friend taped for us. This was the first time we had seen it and it was really special to view us exchanging rings, taking communion together and having our first kiss as a married couple. I couldn’t help but notice how happy and carefree we were, and to feel like life has gotten a little bit harder since that day three years ago as it has been full of changes in our careers, our relationships, our families and ourselves and who we are as people.

Three years later we have been through some suffering, we have been overseas to China, we have been blessed with two sweet nephews, we have gotten into fights, we have struggled and we have rejoiced and we have been silly and we have been serious and we are expecting our first child.

Much has changed – some for better and some for worse.

But something remains the same and I was reminded of that as we watched our wedding video and heard the words we spoke to each other: Jon is still the most loving, patient and kind person I have ever met.

He still not only treats me with respect, love and care – but continues to treat others in that way as well.

He still likes to watch sunsets with me and make me laugh, he still leads me closer to Christ and he still is the perfect example of both strength and gentleness.

He still takes my breath away.

Much has changed since our wedding day, but these things remain the same.

Thank you Jon for being such a good provider, a good friend, a good partner in ministry and great husband! I am so excited to experience all the changes with you that the next 50 years will bring!

August 12, 2006

This past Christmas

Fall in Flagstaff before we moved to Tucson

Enjoying our sweet honeymoon in Aruba

Being silly in Sedona the summer we were married


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