The Last Night

Last night where my husband and I have each other all to ourselves, I”ll miss our quiet moments and our crazy moments where it is just me and him.

Last night getting sleep for awhile – I will definitely miss that.

Last night where Chloe the cat is our only baby to take care of!

Last night not knowing the sound of our baby’s cry.

Last night not knowing what she looks like – who will she take after?

Last night of being pregnant – oh how I will miss having this little miracle inside of me, so close, so squirmy, so intimate.

After finding out today that our little one is breech we will deliver via c-section tomorrow at 5pm at 39 weeks 4 days! I have a lot I feel I need to do, like clean the house, send e-mails and grocery shop. But this, our last night without children, Jon and I are going to go to bed early, hold each other close, and thank God for His goodness!

Pictures of our precious girl coming soon…


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