About 18 months after starting this blog and dreaming of the day that I would hold a baby in my arms is finally here! So much praying and waiting and hoping and frustration and excitement and ups and downs. And she is here, and I love her more and more every day, sometimes I think I might burst from how much I love her!

I have had many profound experiences and emotions in just the few days since Evangeline came into the world but I guess I am just too tired to put them into words here! I’ll say that it is weird knowing and learning so much about what it will be like to have a baby – but experiencing those things is a completely different story!

For example I knew that I would be so tired and not get a lot of sleep at night – but now I am actually living it. I understood that I would feel so much love for her, but now I am experiencing it every moment. I read about how to change diapers and breastfeed but now it is what I spend the majority of my day doing. People told me everything else in my life would sort of fade into the background, and as much as I didn’t believe them I now cannot think of anything nearly as important as holding Evangeline in my arms.

So here are some quick pics and stats because I know that is really what you care about! We have been taking a lot of them (mostly of her sleeping because that is what she does the most of, and because she looks so so cute asleep) but am working on actually uploading them to my computer.

Coming home from the hospital – what an overhelming trip that was!

Sleeping on the boppy pillow after being fed

Sleep in her bassinet in our room – so adorable and tiny!

Evangeline Meghan gained back 5 ounces since leaving the hospital (born at 8lb 6oz, down to 7lb 9 oz, back up to 7lb 14 oz as of yesterday). We have seen the pediatrician and he says she is in excellent health! Many friends have been by to see her and to help us with meals and we are so grateful for that as feeding ourselves would look a lot like Hungry Howie’s Pizza if it weren’t for them! Jon’s parents just left and my parents are due to arrive soon and we are so grateful for their help! (I remember thinking that I didn’t want any family here for awhile after she was born because I wanted it to just be Jon and I, and for us to be independent – how stupid! We need family during this transition and have been blessed to have our parents travel from far away to be here with us).


One thought on “Evangeline

  1. Anonymous

    Grandma is totally going out to buy bows for her hair and grandpa wants any of the hair she may loose so he can replace his!Grandma & Grandpa McCarty


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