Here is what was on my mind when I woke up this morning:
I REALLY need to finish planning the Women’s Retreat, seeing as how it is this weekend.
Should I go to Target or Fry’s to buy snacks?
Our house is filthy and I am not going to be around this weekend to clean it. again.
Thank you GOD that it is Rodeo holiday and I don’t have to teach today.
I need to plan out my next units for Spanish 1A and 2.
Ugh, that pile of laundry isn’t getting any smaller.
I’m hungry
Should I pump a bottle?
I love sleep.
That was a great servant team meeting last night.
What time am I going to hang out in Marie’s dorm today?
Am I going to Large Group or is Jon?
I should really print those pictures to put in our new frame.

And then I open an e-mail from my mom, with a picture she took while she was visiting last weekend…

How refreshing to be able to stop my busy mind and appreciate a wonderful gift from God: beauty.


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