What’s Next?

Last year we had one crazy summer! China, Washington, Flagstaff, Colorado…all while pregnant and preparing to meet Evangeline. Well, this summer is proving to be just as crazy and just as wonderful. Here are some of the things we have planned-

Attempting to Rest
We had a HARD CORE year! We saw some amazing things happen in ministry, worked too much, traveled a ton, and you know, kept a child alive for a whole nine months. We are looking for some good sabbath time this summer and doing some things that will nourish our souls.

Prep for next year.
Yes, I know I just mentioned rest, but I am already stoked to start planning scripture study and teachings for next year. Thankfully, I really enjoy these things and they will mean lots of time in God’s word and prayer.

A whole month in Flagstaff – glorious!
Jon will be working part time at his old job at NAU and we will be enjoying the cool mountain summer by hanging out at coffee shops, watching Movies at Heritage Square, lounging on the deck and visiting friends.

We are spending a week in Northern WI with my parents, brother, sister, brother-in-law and niece and nephew. Hanging out at the lake, fishing, canoeing, Celebrity. It’ll be sweet. We are also hoping to make it to Pittsburgh to visit Jon’s parents and see their new home out east.

Staff Stuff
We will spend a few days in Madison WI at NISET as part of a test case for chapter growth. I love being around other staff. I love being trained. And you can’t beat Madison in the summer time. We will also be back at Bear Trap Ranch in August for Regional Staff Camp – so fun!

Fund Development.
Jon and I have gotten serious about funding and will hopefully spend a lot of time inviting others to partner financially in renewing the campus.

Being a mom
With a lesser IV related load, and no Spanish teaching going on I cannot wait to shower my little beauty with attention and love. I am really looking forward to “just” being a mom and spending time learning and exploring and growing with her.

Evangeline is on the move. She is not the fastest crawler yet, and is still working on her form, but she has already made her way over to electrical cords, drawers and cabinets – yikes!

Here’s a recent video of her demonstrating her skilz:


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