Being married to a man like Jon

I can remember the first date we had, where we talked about sports and our families, Chile’s never tasted so good!

I remember the first time he held my hand, the ringing in my ears and the feeling of being light headed that followed. No one has ever made me feel that way!

I remember snorkeling in Aruba, setting up our home together in Flagstaff, getting our first baby Seamus the Cat. We had such a happy, sweet, first year of marriage there!

I remember when we first moved to Tucson and him being so attentive as I cried about the heat and not having any friends.

I remember all the times he brought me breakfast in bed, gave me a back rub and watched a movie I wanted to see.

Being married to a man like Jon is knowing that no matter what the argument is about, no matter what’s in the bank account, no matter how many times a night the baby is up, no matter how emotional and crazy I am, no matter how stressed we both are, no matter where in the world we are – I have a faithful husband who will always be gentle with me, always be there for me, and always be the kind of person I can be proud to say that I know.

Being married to a man like Jon is having a life full of happy moments to remember.

Happy Anniversary Love, thank you for making me even happier by being such a good father to Evangeline!


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