I had the priveldge of teaching at our first InterVarsity Large Group of the year last week and for the response time students wrote different words and phrases that came to them. The gist of my talk was calling them into action because of God’s love and grace towards them. The word that appeared more than any other was the word “Trust” and I thought this was interesting and it sparked a conversation between Jon and I.

“Trust” was not the response I was expecting. I had asked students to respond to their new identity in Christ and to the invitation to trade in good for better that Jesus offers. So, while “trusting God” is a common phrase among Christians, to me it didn’t seem like the word that would come out of my talk.

But really, it is “Trust” that many, not just college students, feel like they need to have before taking a risk to follow Jesus. I hear the phrase “I just need to trust God more” ALL THE TIME. It comes out of my students’ mouths, my friends mouths, and well, my mouth.

I really want to tell my friend about Jesus, so I just need to trust God more.

I am nervous about graduating, I just need to trust God more.

I worry about money, I just need to trust God more.

What these statements imply is that “When I finally have enough trust built up” then I will do fill in the blank. Then I will be a disciple of Jesus in fill in the blank way.

But Trust is not an item to be accumulated. It is not like money in a bank account to be built up and earn interest on.

It is an action.

Giving money away is trust.

Sharing my testimony with a friend is trust.

Following Jesus when he says “Come and see” is trust.

Jesus didn’t ask his disciples to have trust in him. And when they finally had it, to follow him. The very act of leaving behind their lives and livlihoods

I think a lot of times we sit around and wait for trust.


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