Oh Boy!

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails…

Is what we can expect in May! Here are some highlights of our 20 week ultrasound…

1) We saw the little boy parts right away, he seemed very eager to show ’em off and let us know right away who we were dealing with!

2) He is measuring a week ahead, and if he is anything like Jon was as a baby he is going to be nice and huge.

3) He was facing forward the entire time, so we got to see him yawn, rub his eyes and stare at us (or my belly at least!)

Now here is the difficult part –

Our little boy, our son, has a kidney problem. I knew when another ultrasound technician was brought in to ‘check things out’ that there was something wrong. Our little one’s right kidney is signifcantly larger than the normal range and is filled with fluid, causing the doctor to suspect that it is not draining correctly and filling with urine.

Some implications for this are:

1) possible chromosomal abnormality. They think this is unlikely given how everything else (organs, etc…) are all formed normally and appear healthy.

2) It goes away on its own, fixes itself – pray for this option!

3) post-natal care, surgery to remove a kidney or draining of the kidney to see if it continues to function normally.

We will be in next week hopefully to see a perenatalogist who will continue to monitor Little Boy’s kidneys and hopefully give us a better idea of what is happening and what we are looking at.

We are trying to be hopeful and look at all the good news we got today:

-We are having a son!

-Kidney problems aren’t typically fatal (I know nothing about kidneys or kidney disease or anything, but I don’t think that this is the case). Although the idea of post natal medical care, NICU stays and surgery on our wee little one make me sick to my stomach, it would appear we are not looking at the worst possible diagnosis out there. Although there have been tears today and many fears and questions, I am thankful for hope and for a baby whose heart beat strongly and legs kicked energetically.

Evangeline is going to have a baby brother!


3 thoughts on “Oh Boy!

  1. We will be praying for your little boy. I will tell you that I was born with an abnormal kidney, and although it sometimes leads to a few extra doctors visits, it is not the worst thing out there. Praying for miraculous healing that can only be explained with “We serve an amazing God!”


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