See, I told you…

that we had one adorable little baby!

I remember thinking that 3d ultrasounds were actually kind of creepy (we never had one with Evie) but now that it is my own I think it is totally precious!

Wanting to suck fingers or toes (I can’t tell which…)

Here we see his love for his own foot. He is hugging his ankle bone!

Such neat technology! He is about the length of a carrot and pretty darn skinny at 21 weeks but I still think he is perfect!


5 thoughts on “See, I told you…

  1. As I looked at these precious pictures Psalm 139 came to mind, specifically vv.13-18.God formed our inward parts, knitting us together in our mother’s womb…wonderful are your works…God saw our unformed substance, and all the days of our life have already been written in his book…and the best part that I love…How precious to me are God’s thoughts about me, they are vast, if they were to be counted they are more than the sand. Walking with you during this time in your life.


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