A visual aid

I think ultrasounds are fascinating and even though I now sort of dread them I am intrigued to see all the organs and everything.

Here is a picture of our cutie’s abdomen to give you a better idea. The two large ‘blobs’ toward the top are actually his one dilated kidney. Like I said in my last post it seems there are two ‘compartments’ (for lack of a medical word) divided by tissue.

Beneath these you can see several smaller black spots. One of those, the one with the two little cross hairs on either end for measurement, is the healthy kidney.


2 thoughts on “A visual aid

  1. Never forget that the God who created your little boy knows every little thing about him….from how many hairs are on his head to how much fluid is inside that kidney, the kidney that HE created. And, most importantly, He loves that baby immensely. Praying for you all…


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