Good News?

We had yet another ultrasound this morning and our little baby seems to be as cute as ever.

I have really come to dread the ultrasounds, mostly because we have gotten worse news at each one we have had since our 20 week anatomy scan.

This morning however, it was a little different. Worst case scenario going into these ultrasounds is always a) Left Kidney has gotten bigger b) Right Kidney is also dilated c) other problems arise reflecting chromosomal problems.

Today I saw a perfectly-sized right kidney, a healthy brain and heart and bladder.

And…. a left kidney that didn’t get any bigger in the last month!

In fact, the sonographer says it was measuring slightly smaller (not really enough to make it significant or indicate the problem is correcting itself, but I”ll take it!).

Finally, the doctor saw lots of healthy, functioning tissue around the dilated kidney.

I don’t think I was in a place this morning to hear worse news – so even though this wasn’t earth shattering, I feel encouraged and blessed. Thanks to all our friends and family who are praying for this little guy!


2 thoughts on “Good News?

  1. Anonymous

    This is such good news! I am happy that it was a more encouraging visit! It was great seeing you guys tonight, too…it’s nice being back in the same town again! -Hannah


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