His Touch

I remember the day at our 20 week ultrasound when they found that our baby had hydronephrosis. I didn’t even know what hydro was at that point. I just knew our baby was sick. Since then every appointment has brought with it one word: BIGGER. The kidney kept getting bigger – getting so severe that doctors couldn’t hide their reactions, that we were told this would never heal on its own, that he would have to have surgery earlier than they normally do surgery on newborn babies.

Through all of this we have been surrounded by our prayer warriors, and their prayer warriors, and their prayer warriors. The most recent of which was last night when our graduating seniors laid hands on me and prayed for healing. What a beautiful parting gift for them to give us.

I myself tried praying in a new way. Rather than praying the usual”God I really want you to heal his kidney, but I understand that you don’t always do that…”

I prayed this instead “Jesus, you heal with a touch. All the bleeding woman wanted was to simply touch your robe. The blind men just wanted to have you touch their eyes. And there was something about your touch that healed them. And more. Please touch my son’s kidney. That’s all he needs. Simply touch that blockage in the ureter. And he will be healed. I know it”.

I say this not to boast about how I pray, but to boast about the work that the Lord does in my heart.

Today we had our last ultrasound with the high risk ob. And somewhere in me I knew, I just knew, that we were going to see a kidney that was completely healed.

Not with severe hydronephrosis.

Not with moderate hydronephrosis.

Not with mild hydronephrosis.

No hydronephrosis.

And that’s exactly what we got!

The sonographer had to keep double checking her chart to make sure that it was in fact the left kidney that had been damaged. She measured both the right and the left three times. Both kidneys are completely normal.

No hdyronephrosis.

I said to the doctor “I was told a case this severe doesn’t correct itself”.

And she said with an amazed look on her face “It doesn’t”

I want to thank you if you prayed and also invite you to rejoice with us. You got to be witness to, and part of, a miracle. Rejoice in knowing the one true God who hears our prayers, who heals with a touch.


10 thoughts on “His Touch

  1. Amazing. The Lord is faithful. Prayer is powerful. Kir and Jon, you have been faithful to Him through all of this, and I love seeing Him bless you in this special and miraculous way. God has something amazing planned for that little boy’s life…no doubt about it!


  2. Just want you to know how thrilled we are! As I was reading this, I just knew how it was going to end, and could not stop the tears from flowing. Praise God!! He is amazing!! We love you guys & are rejoicing with you!


  3. Rejoicing with you! Praise be to God who hears us when we pray. The power of God at work in the life of your family. Continued prayers until your little boy and your family.


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