Best. Husband. Ever.

The last week has been hard in pregnancy land. Nights are filled with heartburn, pain, discomfort and multiple trips to the bathroom – so sleeping isn’t really happening. During the day I am exhausted from lack of sleep, getting more and more emotional and overwhelmed by the day, and feeling frustrated that I can’t play and keep up with Evangeline and other housework. And I think I’m coming down with a cold. I have this week and next week left of teaching, I feel as big as a house and just really ready to have this baby.

I don’t remember feeling like this at the very end with Evangeline. I don’t know if its because she came at the beginning of the school year when I was just gearing up for stuff, and this little guy is arriving at the very end. I don’t know if its been all the emotional turmoil over his health. I don’t know if its some nasty pregnancy symptoms I have been blessed with this time around. I just know it has seemed a lot harder.

However, during this time my wonderful husband has been AMAZING! (I am so thankful we decided that he shouldn’t go to camp with our students this week – I would be losing it!). He has been doing the laundry, making Walgreens runs for me, taking over parenting duty even more than normal, cleaning, and being patient and tender with me as I make irrational demands and break down crying every other second.

I’ve always known that I married the best man EVER! I am so thankful for the ways he has been taking care of me, our daughter and our soon to be born (Oh God, please let it be soon…) son.

I love you Jon!


2 thoughts on “Best. Husband. Ever.

  1. I have one of those husbands too, but his name is Rob. He continues to be a great husband and father as we parent young adults. Hang in there the end is in sight.


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