Zachary Jonathan Phillips

There are really no words that I can come up with to tell of the emotional, physical and spiritual experiences of giving birth, so I think I’ll just share some stats and pictures to start with.

Zachary – The Lord remembers.
Jonathan – The Lord gives.
Born May 24th (my in-laws anniversary!) via c-section at 1:38 pm.
8lbs 9 oz
20 inches long

Our first family photo. I hate having to be on the operating table during this once in a lifetime moment but loved getting to look at him, hear his cry and see his daddy holding him.

The doctor assured us after his last ultrasound that he would be well over 9lbs but he came out at 8lb 9oz – still a healthy size!

Love at first sight. Getting to hold Zach right after the doctor ‘put me back together’ was wonderful. I’ve been holding him as much as possible since that moment, knowing that this time to love on my newborn is precious and limited.

So handsome I can hardly stand it!

Two handsome fellows!

More cuddling.

My babies and my babies’ daddy.

More cuddling!

More cuteness!

Ready to leave the hospital and go home.

Beautiful eyes, they look like his sisters’ at this age.

Some lovin’ from Grandma Liz!


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