One day wonderings

One day …

There won’t be a three year old in her underpants dancing around my living room.

The popcorn ceilings in our house will be scraped off.

My compost heap will actually produce some nice soil.

All my hairs will be gray, instead of just a few.

I won’t be the most important woman in Zachary’s life.

I won’t have Veggie Tales songs memorized.

I’ll go to Europe.

People will be judged not by appearances but on ‘the content of their character’.

He will wipe every tear from our eyes.

I’ll run a marathon.

These things aren’t likely to happen on this day.

Well, some are more likely than others.

But today I am happy that I do have a Nudie Rudy running around my living room, that I am the woman who gets to hold and comfort Zach, that I am starting a vegetable garden this spring, that my little brother recently was able to visit England, France and Austria, that I run a few miles at a time, that Civil Rights happened and continue to happen, that I don’t have too many grays, and that the popcorn ceilings absorb a lot of the noise of loud Veggie Tale songs while the little one is napping.

One day will happen soon enough.

Although I won’t be disappointed if the days of Europe and smooth ceilings happen sooner rather than later!


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