Hey (running) girl

Can we just give each other a high five when we pass each other?

Sometimes you’re zipping by me like a boss with your double jogging stroller, sometimes you’re really struggling to put that next foot down on the pavement.

But we’re both out here.

Me, I gave up a night of The Bachelorette (I’ll have to find out next week if Des finds love or not).  What about you?

I’m jamming out to my music and processing the onslaught of emotions, thoughts and ideas I have on any given day.  So are you sometimes.

Other times you’re chatting with your husband or your boyfriend or your 12 year old son.  But it’s you I see.

We’re reflecting on our days, our hopes, our hurts, our aching knees and gasping breaths.  We’re praying, dreaming and releasing.

We’re both here.

Running for the strength to do what needs to be done.

Running for the health to live another day.

Running for the sanity to stay and fight.

And let’s be honest ladies, running to not have to buy a bigger pair of jeans.

We’re beautiful, we’re fast, we’re slow, we’re young, we’re old, we’re just rolling off the couch and we’re on 26.2.

Sometimes we make eye contact, sometimes we nod a quick acknowledgement ‘hello’.

But we’re both out here sister, can we just give each other a high five?


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