Manic Monday

1.  DJ and his wife used to be on staff with Cru at the U of A and have gone to California to plant a church.  I appreciate his thoughts on Rachel Held Evans’ viral millennials leaving the church post among THE MANY that came about in both positive and negative response to her thoughts – and he uses one of my favorite parts of scripture when it comes to how I approach ministry myself (1 Corinthians 9)

2) Speaking of leaving the church, this is beautiful and poetic and encouraging.

3) Taking evolution out of my textbooks won’t change a thing for my kids. They’ll still be poor, uneducated, and stuck in the cycle of poverty. But not one church person has ever asked me about any of those things.”
My own awesome church (The Vineyard Christian Community) has been taking steps to be involved in schools to support and love the kids and faculty – to meet needs and make Jesus known and this was both a challenging and uplifting interview that addressed some great and important points.


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