Saying No.

Restraining strong limbs in time out.

Holding down on the changing table.

Saying No.

Setting boundaries.

Monitoring EVERYTHING.

Maintaining boundaries.

Saying No.

Keeping our schedule.

Saying No. 

I’m exhausted.  So is he.

So sometimes I just let go. 

I let him play in the dirt and the mud.  Absolute heaven for my boy.  Letting go. 

I let him bring blankie into the store.  Letting go. 

I let him fall asleep in the car even if that means no nap time when we get home.  Letting go. 

I let him run around naked, giggling and laughing maniacally up and down the hallway.  Letting go.

I let him eat sweets before lunch, candy corn is yummy.  Letting go. 

And as much joy as he gets out of the freedom of being diaper-free and getting filthy and not being pestered in the car when he is trying to close his eyes, I also get some joy.

After all, he is growing up so fast. 

And sometimes it feels so good to just say yes and see my Zachy Boy play, run, eat and sleep – even if he wants to do these things at inopportune times or in inopportune ways. 

Letting him indulge.  Letting myself relax.

Letting ourselves enjoy these precious days with earth and sugar and cuddles and laughter.


One thought on “Letting

  1. love it. And of course… because this week I am seeking everything through a lens of What Does His Love Look Like… We have a Father of Yes. Not One who is preoccupied with whacking my fingers.


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