The Rock and The House

As a family we love to adventure and hike and watch America Ninja Warrior and as a result my kids are often climbing rocks and trees and anything that will stand still including the walls of our house.  Inevitably there will arise a moment of panic when one of them can't find a safe place …

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What a great word.  It covers all manner of bad attitude, laziness, apathy, fatigue, anger and hormones. If my daughter is having a bad morning, I say she was in a funk.  If I am feeling a bit depressed, I'm in a funk. Keep saying it over and over again and it becomes hilarious and …

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Today I...Re-scheduled my c-section for tomorrow instead of next Tuesday. There were a lot of factors that went into this decision and there is a part of me that feels like I lost, or quit, the battle of Natural Childbirth v. Way to Many Unnecessary C-sections and feels ashamed and defeated. Part of me just …

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