Perfect Systems

About once a year I come up with a new and improved brilliant plan to become more organized (and as a result be an overall better human, obviously).  A lot of them involve bins and folders and color coding and sometimes a trip to the craft store.  My most recent scheme was to have a …

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Yeah, I do

Do you remember eleven years ago, this month? We were leaving another game night at Nathan and Andrea's house.  We walked outside together, but before we said good-bye you asked me a question. Do you want to get lunch after church tomorrow? "Yeah, I do" I answered, trying to play it cool.  "that would be …

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3:30 am

3:30 a.m. Awful leg cramp...ahhh! I had horrible middle of the night leg cramps while preggo with E and thought I had avoided them this time 'round. No such luck! 3:45 a.m. Should I eat a banana for some added potassium? I can't decide. It would mean getting out of bed. I have been avoiding …

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