Manic Monday

1) This is the BEST thing I have read on the Internet in a long time.

“If you grew up like me, then you are waiting for the asterik to that sentence. Sure, God loves everybody the same. *But he really likes it when you go to Africa. Or start a food kitchen. Or adopt through foster care. Or buy cool, over-priced shoes that may or may not give an orphan in some nameless country a complimentary pair. Or turn your TV into garden for succulents. Or whatever it is that we believe we must do in order to be fully loved.  God took away my asterik, and now I don’t know how to classify myself anymore. I’m just a sheep of his hand, and it is more lowly and lovely than I could have ever imagined.”

2) Man, where was this InterVarsity blog when I was a college freshmen going home every weekend?!

“Believe it or not, your first semester can be one of the most foundational periods of your time in college.”

3) I hope I would be as brave as this woman!

Manic Monday

1.  DJ and his wife used to be on staff with Cru at the U of A and have gone to California to plant a church.  I appreciate his thoughts on Rachel Held Evans’ viral millennials leaving the church post among THE MANY that came about in both positive and negative response to her thoughts – and he uses one of my favorite parts of scripture when it comes to how I approach ministry myself (1 Corinthians 9)

2) Speaking of leaving the church, this is beautiful and poetic and encouraging.

3) Taking evolution out of my textbooks won’t change a thing for my kids. They’ll still be poor, uneducated, and stuck in the cycle of poverty. But not one church person has ever asked me about any of those things.”
My own awesome church (The Vineyard Christian Community) has been taking steps to be involved in schools to support and love the kids and faculty – to meet needs and make Jesus known and this was both a challenging and uplifting interview that addressed some great and important points.

Manic Monday

Three finds from the Internet this week – check them out!

1. I remember all the questions and confusion going through my head and heart when Zachary received his prenatal hydronephrosis diagnosis – what should be ‘perfect’ is actually ‘defect’.  Where is God in this?  What is truth? Where is peace?  As I celebrate the birth of a good friend’s daughter recently born with Down Syndrome and in general ask these questions of God a lot – I liked this short read from Christianity Today.

2. I loved the realistic viewpoint that this one gave on marriage, friendship and Christian community.

This is a must read prayer of blessing for females.  Pretend it is me praying this over you (I would probably use annointing oil because I am weird like that), or your mom or your sister or Jesus himself.

Manic Monday

Mondays are a catch up day for me and I don’t usually write, but I think I”ll use this great day to share some of my faves from the Internet over the past week.  I read a lot of great things on-line and always feel bad spamming Facebook with links (unless of course I am shamelessly promoting my own blog).

Best written on race and Treyvon Martin by an InterVarsity staff.  I think more compassion, more empathy and more justice is needed in race relations.

Most heartwarming – triumph of the human spirit.

Laugh out loud – you have to check these out if you’re a mom to little ones.  I hope this guy never stops making these because they crack me up!

Even though the race factor doesn’t play into my own relationship with support raising and money, I can totally relate to a lot of what this guy is feeling.