Good Friday reflection

I was reading the account in Matthew of Good Friday and remembered one of my very first blog entries.  I am thankful for two things: 1) that the pain I was going through when I wrote this original post has changed, has gone. 2) that the God that took place my Golgotha has not changed. …

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An Honest Reflection on Grace and Babies

It has been twelve weeks since Jon and I were sitting in the doctor's office, staring desperately at a black and white screen showing the most beautiful, oval-shaped blob within my uterus, waiting innocently and hopefully for the ultrasound technician to tell us that she could still see our baby's heartbeat. In those twelve weeks …

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The process of my actual, physical miscarriage was painful and lonely. (Warning: TMI ahead) For three strait days I had intense cramping and contractions on and off. I had read that women who had miscarriages experienced real labor pains and contractions, but since I hadn't with my first miscarriage, I didn't know what to expect. …

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