Walking on Water in the Desert

We were hosting some friends for lunch a couple of days ago who are in the throws of planting an international English speaking African church and community center to serve the second and third generations of Congolese refugees living here in Tucson.   I mean, come on, what a vision, right?!* As they were excitedly …

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The Ministry of Oreo Cookies

Last week my baby boy somehow, miraculously, turned 6 years old.  He is big and strong and tender and generous and asks curious, philosophical questions about life.   To celebrate we invited some family and school friends over and I sent my husband to the store to get some chips and cookies.  He came back with …

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The Great Pumpkin Thief

Yesterday my daughter's 1st Grade class took a field trip to a Pumpkin Patch.  She had been looking forward to this for weeks, literally counting down the days.  Being 7 is amazing!!!  There are such simple pleasures, like getting a day away from the classroom to take a school bus across town with all her …

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