Bummer Summer?

This summer was supposed to be golden. Golden and magical and dreamy and perfect, with loooong afternoons at the pool followed by (probably too many) trips to the Dairy Queen for twist cones and lazy mornings in our pajamas and most of all, most importantly, bonding with my kids.  I cherished last summer with the …

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The Ministry of Oreo Cookies

Last week my baby boy somehow, miraculously, turned 6 years old.  He is big and strong and tender and generous and asks curious, philosophical questions about life.   To celebrate we invited some family and school friends over and I sent my husband to the store to get some chips and cookies.  He came back with …

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Saying No. Restraining strong limbs in time out. Holding down on the changing table. Saying No. Setting boundaries. Monitoring EVERYTHING. Maintaining boundaries. Saying No. Keeping our schedule. Saying No.  I'm exhausted.  So is he. So sometimes I just let go.  I let him play in the dirt and the mud.  Absolute heaven for my boy.  …

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