About Kirsten


Hmmm…what do I say about myself?  Well, I’m a textbook INFJ and an Enneagram 2, a story teller, a preacher, an idealist, a reader and a Midwest transplant thriving in the desert of Tucson, Arizona.

I am drawn out of bed in the morning by the promise of a hot cup of coffee, I love driving my Kymco Scooter all around our diverse city and I am one of those weirdos who loves running.

I wear a lot of hats – a mother of two, wife of one, daughter, sister, Spanish maestra, friend, and vocational minister ; but underneath all these fun hats is a woman, a child of God, who desires to follow the way of Jesus.  And one of my favorite activities is to be the friends described in Mark 2

Some men came, bringing to him a paralyzed man, carried by four of them. Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof above Jesus by digging through it and then lowered the mat the man was lying on. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralyzed man, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”

If I can bring people to the feet of Jesus through my writing, through prayer, through discipleship, or friendship or service or through teaching than I am a happy, happy woman.

I began writing in 2008 after experiencing two miscarriages and needing an outlet to express my emotions, reflections, prayers and hopes.

This site received the name “The Kirsten Tree” from one of my earliest posts, in which I marveled at how God was working in my life.  The reality is that God has been faithful since I was in my mother’s womb until today – always teaching me, loving me, and giving me purpose.

When I first realized that I was going to miscarry for the second time, after having been faithful, prayerful and everything else I thought I should be doing as a disciple of Christ, my very first reaction actually had nothing to do with the loss of my baby or even the loss of my dreams for our family, rather it was feeling a loss of God. I cried out in my bed, in my husband’s arms, in my car, in my mind while I was teaching Spanish:




A wise friend of ours gently reminded us that those were also the very last words that Jesus Christ spoke before he died.

“Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani”

“My God, My God. Why have you forsaken me?”

Jesus, the beautiful, sinless, perfect Son of God, was brought to a place under the Father’s will that included not only suffering and persecution, but also the withdrawl of His Father in Heaven. As Jesus took on the sins of the world our Holy God separated himself from his Son to allow this once-for-all sacrifice to occur.

I have been very blessed not to have experienced deep suffering or loss in my life up to this point, so while I have understood the theology of what happened on the Cross, I couldn’t entirely relate. I am certainly not saying that I even now fully understand how the Messiah felt as those words came forth from his mouth two thousand years ago, because even though I have such precious intimacy with God through the blood of Jesus and am called his daughter, I think that the intimacy within the Trinity is more than I can ever imagine. And while I don’t mean to diminish the physical pain that I experienced, the excruciating torture of hanging on a Roman cross is something I will never feel.

Nevertheless, singing, “When I survey the Wondrous Cross” the other night I felt closer to God than I expected. Of all my own feeble attempts to become more like Jesus through striving and to-do lists and disciplines, God has chosen to make me more like his son through suffering and pain. This realization, oddly enough, is helping to restore my faith that God is actively involved in my life (something I had been questioning and doubting in recent weeks) and that He is still at work pruning the Kirsten Tree.


3 thoughts on “About Kirsten

  1. Amy ray

    Hi Kirsten,

    My name is Amy and I stumbled upon your blog haphazardly. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second baby (a boy i also have a 22 month old girl) who was diagnosed at my 28 week ultrasound with severe hydronephrosis. As a worried mother I have scoured the Internet searching for resources, support, articles, and forums-anything that would help me cope and understand what this means for my sweet baby boy. This whole time I have been scared to death but I know that it is in God’s hands and as crazy as it sounds I have not lost hope in a miracle that He would heal my sons kidney obstruction despite being told by my doctors and specialists that surgery is the most likely outcome. I was so inspired reading your story about your son and even more shocked when I read that your ped urologist was dr Ashley-I am also in Tucson and met with him last week to discuss our sons treatment plan after birth. The point is I feel strongly that God has a plan for my son and your story has given me faith and made me feel less crazy to think there is still a chance for a miracle. Please pray for my son Theodore that he has a similar outcome. Thank you for sharing your story you have spread so much hope and reaffirmed my faith that God is always unfailingly good.

    Amy Ray


    1. Kirsten

      Amy, Thank you for your note. Things reach a whole new level of terrifying when our children are involved, don’t they? I have prayed for your little boy, and for faith and peace for you, mama.


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